Church Reopening


First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Roberson announce that as of April 1, 2023, masks are now optional.  Thank you for your cooperation and patience throughout.  We look forward to seeing you each and every Sunday!


Face Mask.  Face masks are OPTIONAL for persons attending worship services.  Please note that masks may be required during periods of high community infection.   Feel free to continue to wear a mask if you feel uncomfortable.   

Social Distancing. Please be respectful of others and maintain a safe distance during service and when greeting one another. While some may be comfortable with a hug or handshake, others may not, and each of us needs to respect the right of individuals to manage their own risk of infection.


Remote Access. We will continue to broadcast the morning worship services via Zoom, Facebook, and our website.  Bible study will be via Zoom on Wednesdays at noon and 6 p.m. 


Elimination of Common-Touch Areas. Items which are commonly handled by many worshippers will be eliminated for the foreseeable future. These include, but are not limited to, bulletins, hymnals, offering plates, etc. Common areas will receive a deep cleaning with disinfectant between public gatherings.


OfferingA blue collection box for offerings is located at the entrance of the sanctuary. Or you can mail in your offering or submit online under donations.


Personal Hygiene and Health Screening. Those who are feeling ill with any symptoms are asked to stay home and join us via Facebook, Zoom or our website until they are better.  Likewise, please care for others by washing your hands regularly and using hand sanitizer.


Food and beverage.  Food restrictions have been removed.  However, there will be no repasses held until further notice.




In order to stay updated with the latest information regarding services, please register to receive text message alerts.  Please view the below video regarding how to sign up for “Text In Church”.

We want to worship in a way that demonstrates our love and care for one another by reducing the risk of infection.  This will help everyone in attendance manage their own risk of infection while at the same time allowing us to worship and fellowship together corporately. It is vital that we approach this gathering together with a deep humility that includes both a humbleness toward one another (Ephesians 4:2) and a submissive heart to the authorities God has placed over us for our good (Romans 13:1-4).