All Ministries

Baptist Training Union Ministry

Benevolence Ministry

Sister Jeannette Keyes

Sister Anita Duncan

Children’s Church Ministry

Christian Education Leadership Ministry

Minister Raymond Scott


Church Clerk

Sister Cynthia Alexander-Jackson

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Anthony Glover


Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Elizabeth Glover

Finance Ministry

Deaconess Tammy Moore

Treasurer & Notary

Sister Nancy Brown

Financial Secretary

Deacon Efrem Johnson

Male Chorus Ministry

Brother Darnell Jones

Mission Ministry

Sister Henrietta Ivy


Mission Choir Ministry

Sister Louise Howard

Mother’s Ministry

Mother Gracie O’Neal


Nursery Ministry

Sister Gloria Bouie

Parish Nurse Ministry

Sister Rosie Elder

Security Team Ministry

Brother Eldridge Richard


Sunday School Ministry

Deacon Anthony Glover


Brother Reginald Matthews

Assistant Superintendent

Technology Ministry

Sister Andria McClain

Brother Lawrence Brown

Sister Linda Jeffries

Sister Tammy Brown (Verrett)

Transportation Ministry

Deacon Bond Thomas Jr.

Brother Pete Luster

Sister Amelia Neal

Brother Gregory Brookshire

Trustee Ministry

Deacon Derrick Moore

Deacon Bond Thomas Jr.

Brother Gerard Wade

Brother Bradrick Yarbrough

Tutoring Ministry

Brother Anthony McMillian

Brother Bond Thomas, Jr.

Sister Vicky McKinney

Vessels of Praise Ministry

Sister Victoria Phillips

Voices of Corinthian Minister of Music

Sister Zorena Duffie


Voices of Corinthian Minister of Music

Minister Tranelle Duffie

Youth Ministry (Ages 5-24)

Sister Donna Dallas

Youth Praise Dancers/Drill Team Ministry

Sister Deja Balentine

Sister Shaniece Adams

Usher Ministry

Sister Gina Bone